IRobot Roomba 880 Manual

Important Safety Information This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the …

Important Safety Information

iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot For Pets and Allergies
  • iAdapt Multi Room Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • Room to room cleaning in up to 3 rooms with the included Virtual Wall Lighthouse beacons
  • AeroForce 3 Stage Cleaning System delivers up to 50 percent more cleaning performance
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.

Caution: do not expose the electronics of your robot, its battery, or the integrated dock-charger known as home base. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Please ensure the voltage rating for the enclosed home base matches standard outlet voltage.

Notice: Your robot contains a software interface for the purpose of enabling the manufacturer to provide updates to the internal firmware if any such updates are made available to users. Any attempt to access, retrieve, copy, modify, distribute, or otherwise use any of the robot software is strictly prohibited.

Always exercise caution when operating your robot. To reduce the risk of injury or damage, keep these safety precautions in mind when setting up, using, and maintaining your robot:

  • Read all safety and operating instructions before operating your robot.
  • Retain the safety and operating instructions for future reference.
  • Heed all warnings on your robot, battery, Home Base and in the owner’s manual.
  • Follow all operating and use instructions.
  • Refer all non-routine servicing to iRobot.

The symbol on the product or its packaging indicates: Do not dispose of electrical appliances as unsorted municipal waste, use separate collection facilities. Contact your local authority for information regarding the collection systems available. If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or dumps, hazardous substances can leak into the groundwater and get into the food chain, damaging your health and well-being. When replacing old appliances with new ones, the retailer is legally obliged to take back your old appliance for disposal at least free of charge.


  • Your robot is for indoor use only.
  • Your robot is not a toy. Do not sit or stand on this device. Small children and pets should be supervised when your robot is operating.
  • Store and operate your robot in room temperature environments only.
  • Clean with a cloth dampened with water only.
  • Do not use this device to pick up anything that is burning or smoking.
  • Do not use this device to pick up spills of bleach, paint, or other chemicals, or anything wet.
  • Before using this device, pick up objects like clothing, loose papers, pull cords for blinds or curtains, power cords, and any fragile objects. If the device passes over a power cord and drags it, there is a chance an object could be pulled off a table or shelf.
  • If the room to be cleaned contains a balcony, a physical barrier should be used to prevent access to the balcony and ensure safe operation.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the robot. Cleaning and maintenance shall not be performed by children without supervision.
  • Do not place anything on top of your robot.
  • Be aware that the robot moves on its own. Take care when walking in the area that the robot is operating in to avoid stepping on it.
  • Do not operate the robot in areas with exposed electrical outlets in the floor.


  • Charge using a standard outlet only. Product may not be used with any type of power converter. Use of other power converters will immediately void the warranty.
  • Use only the Home Base supplied by the manufacturer to charge this device.
  • Do not use a Home Base with a damaged cord or plug. If the cord or plug is damaged, it must be serviced by the manufacturer or similarly qualified persons.
  • Use only rechargeable battery packs approved by iRobot.
  • Always charge and remove the battery from your robot and accessories before long-term storage or transportation.
  • Charge indoors only.
  • Your robot’s Home Base may be protected with a surge protector in the event of severe electrical storms.
  • Never handle the Home Base with wet hands.
  • Always disconnect your robot from the Home Base before cleaning or maintaining it.
  • Please ensure voltage rating for enclosed Home Base matches standard outlet voltage.
  • Used battery packs should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and disposed of safely according to local environmental regulations.
  • Before every use, check the battery pack for any sign of damage or leakage. Do not charge damaged or leaking battery packs.
  • If the battery pack is leaking, return it to your local authorized iRobot Service Center for disposal.
  • The battery pack must be removed from the robot before disposal.
  • Only use original battery packs with the correct specification and supplied by iRobot.
  • Do not crush or dismantle battery packs. Do not heat or place the battery pack near any heat source.
  • Do not incinerate the battery pack. Do not short-circuit the battery pack. Do not immerse the battery pack in any liquid.


  • Use Roomba only in dry environments.
  • Do not spray or pour liquids on Roomba.

Important Tips

Before using Roomba the first time, you must activate it by removing the battery pull tab. Charge Roomba overnight before first-time use.

Turning Roomba on and off

  • To turn Roomba on, press CLEAN once. You will hear a beep, and the CLEAN button will light up.
  • To start a cleaning cycle, press CLEAN again. Roomba will start a cleaning cycle.
  • To pause Roomba, press CLEAN while Roomba is cleaning.
  • To resume the cleaning cycle, press CLEAN again.
  • To turn Roomba off, press and hold CLEAN until Roomba’s lights turn off.

For Best Performance

  • Empty Roomba’s bin and clean its filter after every use.
  • Use an Auto Virtual Wall® or Virtual Wall Lighthouse™ (optional accessories) to keep Roomba cleaning where you want it.
  • Wipe all sensors with a clean, dry, soft cloth every week.
  • Use Roomba frequently.

Roomba contains electronic parts. DO NOT submerge Roomba or spray it with water. Clean with a dry cloth only.

Battery Life

To extend Roomba’s battery life and keep Roomba cleaning at peak performance:

  • Always keep Roomba charged when not in use.
  • Recharge Roomba as soon as possible following use; waiting several days can damage the battery.
  • For storage off of the Home Base, remove the battery from Roomba and store in a cool, dry place.

Floor Conditioning Process for Homes with Heavily Shedding Pets

In homes with heavily shedding pets, Roomba’s bin may fill quickly with hair. In these environments, Roomba must go through a floor conditioning process. You can help Roomba along by scheduling it to clean frequently and emptying the bin when the Full Bin indicator lights — sometimes mid-mission. After this conditioning process, you’ll enjoy consistent cleaning performance from your Roomba. For best performance, be sure to continue emptying Roomba’s bin and cleaning the filter when the full bin indicator lights.

iRobot® Roomba® Anatomy

Top View

Buttons & Lights

Bottom View

Cleaning Head

High-Capacity Sealed Bin


Setting the Language

Roomba can provide troubleshooting messages in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Roomba’s default language is English. To change the default language:

  1. Take Roomba off the Home Base. Turn on Roomba by pressing CLEAN, the lights will turn on. 
  2. Press and hold DOCK until Roomba beeps and says the current language. Release DOCK. Roomba is now in Language Selection Mode 
  3. Press CLEAN repeatedly until you hear the language you want. 
  4. Press and hold CLEAN to turn off Roomba and confirm your language choice. 

Cleaning Pattern

Roomba cleans floors differently than the way most people do, using its robot intelligence to efficiently clean the whole floor, under and around furniture and along walls.
As it cleans, Roomba calculates the optimal cleaning path and determines when to use its various cleaning behaviors:


Roomba uses a spiral motion to clean a concentrated area.

Wall Following

Roomba cleans the full perimeter of the room and navigates around furniture and obstacles.

Room Crossing

Roomba crisscrosses the room to ensure full cleaning coverage.

Dirt Detection

When Roomba senses dirt, the Dirt Detect™ light illuminates and Roomba cleans more intensely in that area using a back-and-forth motion, similar to a traditional vacuum.

For the most efficient cleaning, clear your floor of clutter and use a Virtual Wall® to confine Roomba to one room.

Cleaning Modes

Roomba cleans based on the cleaning mode you select. Roomba has three cleaning modes:

Clean Mode

Roomba automatically calculates the room size and adjusts its cleaning time appropriately.

Spot Mode

Roomba spirals approximately three feet (one meter) in diameter and then spirals back to where it started, intensely cleaning a localized area.

Scheduled Cleaning Mode

When a future cleaning time is programmed, Roomba enters this mode. At the specified time, Roomba leaves its Home Base, cleans and then returns to the Home Base to recharge when it’s done.

Cleaning System

AeroForce™ Performance Cleaning System

The AeroForce System uses a combination of two breakthrough technologies, tangle-free AeroForce™ extractors and a high-powered vacuum channel, to deliver more cleaning power and less maintenance hassle.

Tangle-Free AeroForce™ Extractors

Dual counter-rotating extractors incorporate durable rubber treads that grab dirt and debris from any floor type, while ensuring that you never hassle with hair-tangled brushes.

High-Powered Vacuum Channel

Accelerated airflow through a sealed channel dramatically increases suction at the floor to transfer dirt, debris and allergens through the extractors and into the HEPA-filtered, high-capacity bin.

Spinning Side Brush

Cleans along wall edges and corners.

Floor Surfaces

Roomba works on wood, carpet, tile, vinyl and laminate, and adjusts automatically to different floor types. Roomba automatically senses stairs and other cliffs.

Anti-Tangle System

Roomba won’t get stuck on cords, carpet fringe or tassels. When Roomba senses it has picked up a cord or tassel, it will automatically stop its main brushes or side brush and try to escape. Roomba may make a clicking noise when the anti-tangle system is activated.

Roomba might stall when confronting rounded edges and might slide over particularly slippery surfaces. Extremely dark-colored floors may contribute to Roomba’s cliff sensors working less effectively.

Battery Storage and Charging

For best performance, charge Roomba’s battery overnight before using Roomba for the first time.

Roomba is powered by a rechargeable battery. Roomba’s battery can last for hundreds of cleaning cycles if cared for properly.

Battery Life

To extend the battery life, iRobot recommends always keeping Roomba charged. For more details on how to maintain Roomba’s battery life, visit

Recharge Roomba as soon as possible following use; waiting several days can damage the battery.
For storage off of the Home Base, remove the charged battery from Roomba and store in a cool, dry place.

Cleaning Time

You should fully charge Roomba’s battery before each cleaning cycle. When fully charged, the Battery light will be green and Roomba’s battery will last for at least one full clean cycle.

16-Hour Refresh Charge

If Roomba has been left off the Home Base for an extended period, it will initiate a special 16-hour charge cycle. This extensive charge refreshes Roomba’s battery and extends battery life. While charging, Roomba’s CLEAN button pulses quickly. Note: For best results, do not interrupt the refresh charge.

Charging Roomba

To charge Roomba, connect the line cord to the Home Base and then dock your robot.

When Roomba is on the Home Base, always make sure that the Home Base power light is on.

Charging Lights

Roomba uses the battery icon light to indicate it is charging. Use this chart to determine the status of the battery.

Solid red Battery empty
Amber pulse Charging
Solid green Fully charged
Quick amber pulse 16-hour refresh charge