How to Clean Silicone Molds

Do you have a silicone mold that needs cleaning? If so, this blog post is for you! Silicone molds are typically used to make candy and other traditional treats. However, they can also be used …

Do you have a silicone mold that needs cleaning? If so, this blog post is for you! Silicone molds are typically used to make candy and other traditional treats. However, they can also be used as baking molds or even as ice cube trays. The process of how to clean silicone molds isn’t difficult at all; it just requires the right tools and materials. In this blog post, we will show how to properly wash your silicone molds and how to store them afterwards.

What is a silicone mold?

  • Silicone molds for crafting

A silicone mold is a container with flexible walls that you can use to cast both cold and hot materials. They are extremely versatile tools in crafting.

Silicone molds are popular for crafting because they can be used with both hot and cold materials. Silicone molds are so popular tody because they are less likely than traditional plaster or ceramic molds to crack.

  • Silicone molds for baking

A silicone mold for baking is typically made of food grade, heat resistant silicone. Silicone molds are great for creating cakes with unique designs or shapes like hearts and flowers that you cannot make easily in cake pans.

How to Clean Silicone Molds

Cleaning silicone molds is easy and quick. Whether you are cleaning a mold for baking or one used in crafting, follow these simple steps.

– Remove any items from the inside of the mold.
– Fill your sink with warm water and add dish soap (very mild).
– Let it soak for about 15 minutes then scrub if needed using an old toothbrush or nail brush. Make sure not to use something that could scratch up the surface of your mold like steel wool pads!
– Rinse out all remaining suds before removing your silicone mold from its container. Allow to air dry overnight on top of paper towels. This will ensure there’s no moisture left over.

If Silicone Molds Are Hard to Clean: Release Agent

Although it is easy to clean silicone molds, sometimes you may find that after a few uses, it is not so easy to clean with just water and soap. This is due to the fact that many companies use a release agent when making your mold. A release agent is a substance that keeps silicone molds from bonding with the material you’re pouring into them.

  • Soap and water will not remove the release agent! Only soap made for cleaning mold making materials should be used to clean away any oil residue or other chemicals on your mold. You want something gentle enough to avoid damaging your silicone but strong enough to remove all of the oil based products left behind by whatever was last poured in there.

  • Always read how-to guides before using a new product on your precious molds as some may react negatively with certain types of silicone rubber or different surfaces, such as metal stamps which can corrode over time if exposed repeatedly to harsh substances. In this case it’s best just use a mild dish soap solution and an old toothbrush to gently remove any oil residue before rinsing with warm water.

  • Make sure your silicone mold is 100% dry before storing – even if it’s only been out of the container for a minute or two! Moisture can cause all sorts of issues like surface bubbles, weak spots in the rubber itself (which will become apparent when you use it again), and possible separation from whatever was last poured into there.

Cleaning Silicone Molds from Epoxy Resin

If you own a silicone mold, then chances are that after using it to cast something like resin jewelry or mini-figures, the silicone mold will have some amount of residual product insid e. Epoxy resin is difficult to clean out from molds and how well your finished piece turns out depends on how much residue is left over in the mold as well as how long has passed since its original use.

The steps for doing this are almost the same as on cleaning crafting silicone molds. Avoid just rubbing or using anything hard on your resin jewelry, use a cloth so not to put too much pressure onto the mold itself while also making sure you get all areas where product has been stuck. It’s important NOT to leave any pieces inside because once they dry up, they will be nearly impossible to get rid of without ruining the mold!

Final Remarks

Silicone molds are a great investment because they can be used for many different purposes. If your silicone mold is looking dingy or has lost its shine over time, this blog post will help you get it back in mint condition. Give the process of how to wash silicone molds one more read through before getting started today!