How to Clean Rock Griddle: Helpful Tips

We love Rock griddles because they’re durable and can withstand high temperatures. The Rock griddle is a versatile cooking surface that is perfect for camping and outdoor cooking. However, it can be used at home …

We love Rock griddles because they’re durable and can withstand high temperatures. The Rock griddle is a versatile cooking surface that is perfect for camping and outdoor cooking. However, it can be used at home too, and like most surfaces, Rock griddles need to be cleaned periodically to maintain their appearance. This blog post is all about how to clean Rock griddle!

Rock Griddle About

Rock griddles are produced by  These are the cooking tools non-stick durable pans used to make food such as pancakes. The Rock  griddle has two sides, both of which are flat and smooth. One side is used to cook the food, while the other serves as a cover.

The Rock griddle will not warp when exposed to high temperatures or extreme cold. It can be placed in an oven and heated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without being damaged. The Rock griddle also has handles so it can easily be transported from one place to another. When you are finished cooking on your rock griddle , all you have to do is wipe it down with warm water for easy cleaning.

Rock griddles can be found in large online hardware stores such as Amazon, Wallmart etc.


Common Mistakes When Using a Nonstick Pan:

  • Avoid using the wrong kitchen utensils like metal scouring pads, which leads to scratches on the non-stick surface.
  • Non-stick cooking spray is often the reason why food starts to sit. Truthfully, that cooking spray isn’t meant to be used in a nonstick pan.
  • Use the minimum amount of oil at the right time and at the right temperature so that the coating does not build up over time.

Common Tips for Using Rock Griddle

  • This versatile cookware can be used on any surface—it’s compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen stovetops.
  • When you boil water, add salt to the already boiling water. Otherwise, when the pan heats up, the salt will settle to the bottom and cause damage to the metal surface.
  • The lifetime guarantee against warping comes with an unrivaled 10-year warranty on all defects in materials, workmanship, and quality when utilized according to the usage and care instructions supplied.

Rock Griddle Cleaning

The Rock griddle is an excellent product that can be used over and over again. However, the Rock griddle will eventually become dirty or greasy with use.


You can clean your Rock griddle in a number of different ways depending on how much time you have available for cleaning it. If you do not have help at home to assist in the process of cleanu, here are some steps that might make things easier when trying to remove food particles from Rock griddles.

  1. Turn off heat source before starting the cleaning process. Remove leftover food from the pan with a paper towel. Fill half way up with water and add dish soap. Soak pan in mixture overnight (minimum 12 hours), then rinse out until all residue is removed. Caution: do NOT use metal scourer or use harsh chemicals!
  2. Do NOT clean rock griddle when it is hot, because the rock might crack or break. —Do not spray water under high pressure either because this could also cause cracks in your rock griddle surfaces that are near the edges of holes where there are no screws to secure them properly. Insert the low pressure hose nozzle only one hole at a time. Do not spray other areas with water due to the risk of cracking the rock surface nearby due to heat shock and rapid temperature changes causing expansion / contraction.
  3. Never put any kind of sharp object underneath rock griddle to clean it because rock griddle are not made to hold heavy weight.
  4. You can use a soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge with warm water and dish soap, then wipe down the rock surface thoroughly before rinsing off all of the soapy residue for best results.

In the end, your Rock griddle will look as good as new! You’ll be able to cook more delicious meals with a clean and shiny cooking surface. We hope this blog post has been helpful for those who want to know how to properly care for their beloved cast-iron grill. If you have any questions about our tips or would like help finding the perfect cleaning solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us